The EBEA exists to represent Business, Economics and Enterprise teachers and lecturers to the outside world by promoting the teaching of Economics, Business Studies and Enterprise and encouraging curriculum development in these subjects. The EBEA aims to play an active role in influencing Government policy in the areas of Economics, Business and Enterprise education in schools. Our membership includes experts in these areas, from experienced and newly-qualified teachers and tutors in Higher Education to Ofsted inspectors, subject advisers, examiners, assessors and resource providers. We call on this huge range of expertise in our efforts to promote best practice in the teaching and learning of Business, Economics and Enterprise and to raise awareness of how essential it is that these subjects, which provide young people directly with the tools to improve their lives and operate effectively in society, rightly claim their full place in the curriculum. Led by David Butler, the former OFSTED Lead Inspector for the Business and Economics, the Advocacy Team are currently working to influence the new GCSE and A levels in Economics and Business, the new Vocational Education developments and to promote the teaching of Economic, Business, Financial and Enterprise Education across the core curriculum.

David Butler and his Advocacy Group promote the Subjects of Business and Economics across the Curriculum and as subjects in their own right. The Group sub-divide their work into the following four headings and any new work will be posted on the website under one of these headings:

  1. The new A Levels in Economics and Business
  2. The new GCSEs in Economics and Business
  3. Vocational Education Developments
  4. Economic, Business, Financial and Enterprise Education in the Core Curriculum

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Financial Education Update

Tuesday, December 29, 2020|0 Comments

David Butler summarises recent developments and seeks feedback from members on the status of financial education in their school or college. Financial education for young people has probably never been as important as it is [...]

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