The EBEA provides members with professional support with the the members only section of this site having current and recent archived support material which is always being added to.

Experienced teachers and Lecturers will find active membership of a subject association is a source of evidence of knowledge and understanding for the gaining the next grade on the pay scale; membership also provides a unique opportunity to manage your continuing professional development which would be very useful for your Annual Performance Management Meeting; membership in addition provides an opportunity to influence the future of the subject and get actively involved in the production of materials which will not only provide resources for your lessons but will help in discussions with OFSTED Inspectors:

Subject Leaders and Heads of Department will also find help in their support role towards members of their team. Trainees and new teachers can especially access high quality materials to support the development of their teaching skills.

All members have the opportunity to attend and listen to webinars on this website at any time led by representatives such as from OFSTED and the Examination Boards.

Please find here all the webinars and much other help at whichever stage you are in teaching whether a stydent or newly qualified teacher to those who hold leadership portfolios

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Future webinars will be found here on the website . There will be new webinars in the future but currently there are none planned in the next few weeks.

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