Lucia Graves from Gresham College invites you and your students to a free business lecture series.

A free Business Skills lecture series will be given in 2019-20 by Gresham College’s Business Professor Alex Edmans.

Professor Edmans is a Finance Professor at London Business School and a TED speaker who lectures on finance and on skills for business to packed audiences of executives, and has written about his research for the FT and Wall Street Journal as well as academic journals. His lectures are lively, grounded in rigorous evidence and aimed at a 16+ audience.

Gresham College is a charitable trust that was set up in 1597 to bring free education to the public in London, and today live-streams its public lectures to reach a global audience.

In a new initiative, Gresham is encouraging schools and colleges to book seats for lectures that are otherwise first-come, first-served to the public – you can get in touch on; the lectures are also live-streamed online and available after the event via the event page on You can also sign up for updates about lectures here:

The hour-long Business Skills lectures are:

Time Management:
2 October 2019 Museum of London 6pm-7pm:

Classic time management frameworks advise us to focus on the important rather than the urgent. But these frameworks seem not to be applicable to the 21st century, where technology means that we are constantly bombarded with deadlines.  This talk will explain how to focus on important long-term goals but at the same time meet urgent short-term deadlines; how to use email as an effective communication tool without being overwhelmed with it; and how to outsource and automate routine tasks.

Finding Purpose in Your Career:
4 Dec 2019 Museum of London 6pm-7pm

Many influential leaders stress the importance of pursuing a purpose rather than choosing a career based on salary.  While inspiring, such talks can sometimes seem impractical because many people find it difficult to know what their purpose is, and unrealistic given rapidly rising living costs and the view that lucrative careers are not purposeful.  This talk will introduce a practical framework to help you find what your purpose is, as well as explain how to pursue a career which is rewarding both intrinsically and financially.

Public Speaking without Fear:
22 Jan 2020, Museum of London, 6pm-7pm

Surveys about people’s fears commonly feature public speaking at the very top of the list.  Many people believe that public speaking is either something you are born with or without.  This talk will provide practical tips that everyone can employ, regardless of their experience, to improve their public speaking.  It will highlight what is unique about public speaking compared to other forms of communication and explain how to tailor your approach to both the audience and the format (e.g. large auditorium, panel interview, webinar).

Mental and Physical Wellness:
4 Mar 2020, Museum of London, 6pm-7pm

Exercise, diet, rest, and sleep are sometimes seen as optional extras that are desirable if you have the time.  They are also topics about which many myths and half-truths abound. This talk will provide rigorous evidence on importance of mental and physical wellness for not only quality of life but also career success and productivity at work. It will also provide practical tips on how busy professionals can find time to invest in them and turn them into effortless habits rather than chores.

Critical Thinking:
22 Apr 2020, Museum of London, 6pm-7pm

One of the most dangerous phrases is “evidence shows that …”, because you can almost always find evidence to support any viewpoint.  Experts are similarly untrusted, because they may have motives other than the truth.  These problems are particularly severe in the digital age where we are bombarded with data and supposed expert opinions.  This talk will explain how to discern what and who to trust, how to know whether evidence is causation or just a correlation, and how to overcome the temptation to accept views that we agree with.

The Growth Mindset and the Abundance Mentality:
3 June 2020, Museum of London, 6pm-7pm

This talk will explore the “growth mindset”, the evidence-based view that talents are are developed rather than genetic.  It provides practical tips on how to develop new skills with limited time and highlights the importance of pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.  The talk will also discuss the “abundance mentality”, that serving others grows the pie for all, rather than increasing others’ slice at your expense.  It examines how to serve effectively, in a disciplined way that does not lead to you accepting every request.

In 2018-19 Edman’s lecture series was called How Business Can Better Serve Society, taking a critical look at how business and finance are useful and setting out his stall on what needs to change. The lectures included detailed examinations of whether high executive pay is justified, how execs should be paid to ensure they have the right incentives, and whether M&A are – on the whole – better than they are reputed to be. You can find all the past lectures on the Gresham College website,

Gresham College would also like to hear from teachers and lecturers about any speakers/ topics they would like the College to cover in future years, to make their future series as useful as possible to educators. Contact