Described on the cover as ‘a graphic guide to business success’, this book covers all of the main concepts in business which appear in most exam boards. It does so by dividing the book into four main chapters: how companies work, how finance works, how sales and marketing work and finally, how operations and production work.

As suggested by the chapter titles, all of the concepts within the chapters are directly applied to business through the use of real examples (both UK and international markets), supported by data and statistics to illuminate the concepts.

Each concept whether a theory or model, is handily spread across two continuous pages starting with a succinct summary or definition of the concept using key business terminology.

Students may find this layout particularly appealing as each set of pages lays out the information using a range of styles including flow charts, pictures, diagrams, and illustrations. The use of a wide range of visual stimuli with truncated written explanations will appeal to most KS4 and KS5 business students as the amount of information will not be overwhelming. This is particularly well demonstrated in the financial documents sections where financial statements are clearly laid out with each section of the statement annotated with a concise definition.

The ‘need to know’ box on most pages is particularly helpful in summarising key terms and / or definitions and in some instances these are then further exhibited through a case study.

Whilst most of the monetary values are given in US dollars, there are some references made to GB pounds with a section at the back of the book dedicated to the application of each of the four chapters a UK context.

As a ‘guide’ to business success this book will effectively support the learning of the basics in business with students being able to do so independently; a helpful supplement to their lessons.

Limara Pascall is Business Education Subject Tutor at UCL Institute of Education in London.