Kathy Cameron and Sam Stones share some flexible ideas for stimulating independent and social learning around key skills and concepts

With an increasing emphasis on teacher workload, it is useful to find alternative ways of delivering the curriculum without overburdening teachers. At the same time, finding different strategies to engage and motivate learners either on first teaching or through revision can seem onerous. To this end, it is useful to utilise the ideas of others in our teacher network. What follows are potential strategies to adopt and amend for different topics and cohorts taken from our own practice and those of others shared through social media. To support learners’ understanding, and minimise deadtime, strategies are presented in a consistent format and can be used individually, or as a collection, to support the delivery of intervention and revision days, as well as through individual lessons throughout the year. Although these slides are used to support intervention and revision, all approaches can be adapted and used to support first teaching if required.

Thank you to colleagues who have shared the above ideas and for their commitment to improving collaboration throughout the profession. We remain keen to hear from colleagues with additional ideas and are happy to share original resources on request.

Kathy Cameron is PGCE Business Tutor, School Direct Programme Co-ordinator and Senior Lecturer at Leeds Trinity University

Samuel Stones is Associate Leader of Maths, Computing and Business at Norton College