Debts, Deficits and Dilemmas

In recent years economists have been re-examining their understanding of macroeconomics in the light of the global financial crisis that began in 2007-08. Did they really understand the problem of asset bubbles? Were they blind to the issues arising from financial innovation? Five years after the 2008 bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, The Economist published a series of School Briefs on the financial crisis and its aftermath in successive issues of the magazine starting on 7 September 2013. These double-page briefs have now been published as a book under the title Debts, Deficits and Dilemmas by Profile Books at £6.99.

Debts, Deficits and Dilemmas: A crash course on the financial crisis and its aftermath is  available from bookshops and online stores in paperback [ISBN 978 1 78125 378 6] and as an ebook [ISBN 978 1 78283 122 8]

A companion workbook to accompany the above publication aimed at both economics students and their teachers, which includes questions and exercises that can be worked through in classroom debate or individually, is now available to EBEA members as a free download.

It aims to help students understand the financial crisis and what has followed it. The five sections of the workbook mirror the five chapters of Debts, Deficits and Dilemmas.

Additional commentary and definitions of terms on subject matter, with which students may not be familiar, are included.

You can download a free copy of the workbook and the answers for the relevant pages by clicking the appropriate link on the right.