These free resources are aimed at non-specialist teachers of 11-16 year olds as part of the Bank of England’s commitment to fostering better economic understanding amongst the general population. They are primarily intended for use in Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education lessons but may well provide a useful introductory resource for specialist economics and business courses at Key Stage 4.

The resources consist of three lessons which use interactive activities, videos and case studies to develop informed decision making. Lesson 1: What influences my decisions? Lesson 2: How can I make informed decisions? Lesson 3: Why do my decisions matter?

The resources can be accessed through The EBEA has commissioned a comprehensive school to trial some of the resources and to write a full review of the materials based on their use in the classroom. The EBEA would also be interested in members’ responses to the materials and will feedback any general findings and suggestions for improvements to the Bank of England.

David Butler
Chair of Advocacy for the EBEA